Reason German tourists are always first to get their towels down explained

by Alister POOLE on June 12, 2012

Germans usually sleep less and wake up earlier than people in the UK, according to new studies which suggest why tourist from Germany often manage to get their beach towels on hotel sunloungers first.

UK scientists found that, on average, Britons slept for 7 hours and 21 minutes per night while often beginning work at 8.50am. In comparison, Germans, who are famed for rising early on holiday so that they can secure sunloungers with their towels, got eight minutes less sleep than Britons every night while starting work around half an hour earlier.

The study, carried out by the University of Oxford, concluded that once a German Teutonic alarm clock started going off, it rarely became silenced by the snooze button - much unlike its British counterpart. It  was found that those Germans that did make use of the snooze feature rose 15 minutes after first pressing it. On the other hand, Britons stayed under their duvets around 20 minutes on average after having pressed snooze.

The sleeping patterns of the two mentioned nationalities might be able to explain two eternal mysteries of UK-Germany relations – how Germans always manage to get their towels on sunloungers before others and how the German economy always outperforms that of Britain. The study’s findings, which focused on sleeping habits of exactly 75,000 Germans and Britons, are to be presented today in conjunction with the opening of The Times Cheltenham Science Festival.

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