Recession Hit Brits Turn to Friends

by Emily DUNBAR on September 15, 2009

With many Brits looking to save money on holiday travel, a new trend that some have dubbed a “paliday” has become more and more popular among holidaymakers.  The global recession has taken its toll this year, as many are finding they just do not have the same amount of money to splash out on a holiday.  This means that many within the travel and tourism industry have taken a big hit, especially businesses that deal in luxury items like high end hotels or car rental.

The term “paliday” is referencing the ever growing trend in the United Kingdom to try and stay with a friend during holiday instead of splashing out for a hotel.  Holidaymakers can potentially save thousands of pounds by finding a friend with an extra bedroom over booking one in a hotel. 

According to a study by more than half of those surveyed said that they had taken a “paliday” at least once in the last year and most said that they had plans to do it again.  Of course, it helps if you have a friend who lives near the seaside, which the report showed was the most popular place to visit.

This coincides with the growing trend of Brits looking for time-share swaps, and holiday homes in a depleted market.  The travel industry can expect these trends to continue as long as the economy is down and Brits are looking for various ways to stretch their holiday pound.

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