Remains of Air France crash victims arrive in France

by Alister POOLE on June 17, 2011

Remains of 104 from the 228 people that were killed when one of Air France’s jets crashed and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, leaving not one survivor, have finally arrived in France.

A ship containing three loads of wreckage and a container of human remains from the Atlantic Ocean’s bed docked in the port of Bayonne, south west France. The harbour had to be closed off by the French authorities as a sing of respect to the relatives and friends of the victims.

Fifty bodies were discovered just after the crash however others remain missing. On the 1st of June 2009, once it had run into intense high-altitude thunderstorms only four hours into its flight from the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro to Paris, flight AF447 stalled and then completely dropped down from the sky in just 210 seconds.

While the crash is still being investigated by the authorities, one theory being thrown around is that the Airbus 330 jet’s speed probes failed. Due to concerns raised over the way Air France’s crew handled the plane once the stall alarm was set off, France’s flagship carrier has had to insist that its pilots demonstrated a completely professional attitude.

It took until April this year for the plane’s main wreckage to be discovered, after an intense search of around 10,000 sq km of sea floor. Before the bodies were taken to Paris to be identified, a brief ceremony is expected to be held around Bayonne’s port.

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