Reports of lion sighting disrupt rail service

by Alister POOLE on November 7, 2011

Passengers weren’t allowed to leave the train they were on at a village in West Yorkshire after reports that a lion and a cub jumped onto the tracks.

Police in West Yorkshire said that they had received separate reports of both a lion and a lion cub in Shepley, an area close to Huddersfield. The service from Retford to the city of Huddersfield stopped in Shepley, which is where passengers boarded the train but didn’t get off it.

A West Yorkshire Police helicopter was scrambled and searched the area but didn’t find anything. Additionally, twelve officers searched the area as they walked on foot. A spokesperson from West Yorkshire Police stated that the constabulary received two unconfirmed reports that a lion and lion cub were active in the Huddersfield area around 15:30. It was added that the area was searched with assistance from a helicopter but nothing has been located as of yet while enquiries are still ongoing.

Train operator Northern Rail released its own statement which told of how passengers were allowed aboard the train once it called at Shepley but those that were on the train weren’t allowed off it. The company took such action after it received advice from Network Rail that lions were spotted on the train tracks in the Shepley area.

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