Resorts in Mexico Evacuating Tourists

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 9, 2009

In an effort to prepare for what the US National Hurricane Center is calling a nearly level five storm, many resorts in Mexico are boarding up their windows and sending customers home.  Hurricane Jimena is heading directly towards the Los Cabos area of Mexico, an area of the country that is densely populated with holiday resorts.  Families are preparing their homes, schools are closed, and the most heavily populated areas of Los Cabos are being evacuated.

Most tourists in the area, many of whom are from the United States and UK, are making touch decisions of whether to flee the area or potentially end up spending a few nights in a storm shelter.  Most tourists are choosing to go to Mexico City, or to leave the country entirely, with flights out of Mexico booked and near capacity.

Some residents are not so lucky, especially those poorer residents of the area, many of whom live in shacks that are dangerously unprepared for such a heavy storm.   This has many such residents choosing to abandon their flimsy homes and instead ride out the storm in a shelter.

The US and United Kingdom have both released statement which urge their respective citizens to avoid traveling to Mexico until the storm has subsided.  This is more bad news for the Mexican tourist industry, which has hit rock bottom after the scare of the swine flu virus.

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