Resorts in Scarborough Get Staycation Boost

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 1, 2009

Scarborough, which is one of the most popular tourist locations in all of England, is enjoying a surge of holidaymakers, and getting ready for what could be a record breaking bank holiday.  With concerns over the economy and fear over the outbreak of the swine flu virus keeping many travelers from going overseas, resorts within the United Kingdom are getting record numbers of visitors.  These holidaymakers are avoiding expensive travel abroad and choosing to make their holiday in more traditional places.

Scarborough is one town which is receiving a huge boost from staycationers looking to save money.  With only one in five Britons taking their bank holiday overseas, hotels in Scarborough are seeing much higher occupancy rates than at this same time last year. 

Some caravanning sites near Scarborough are actually turning customers away, as business is at an all time high.  Kerry Woodhead, owner of the Pinewood Holiday Park said, “Our bookings have gone up by 600% in the last three years. By far the vast majority of our customers are from the UK, with many local to the region.”

This is good news for the travel industry and the economy in general, as many within the business are struggling to draw customers.

The quote above comes from BBC News.  For the complete article, please visit their website.

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