Royal Sportsman owner joins battle against TripAdvisor

by Alister POOLE on September 22, 2010

The Royal Sportsman Hotel is the latest accommodation venue to join the fight against negative TripAdvisor reviews.

A planned mass action by a group of hotels against the internet review site has just been joined by its latest property, a hotel in Porthmadog. Louis Naudi, owner of the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Gwynedd said that mostly his reviews on the site are positive, but just a few malicious, anonymous responses have skewed is overall quality rating.

According to the group, people that use the site to post anonymously are cowards and unreliable as a recommendation source. But the website insists that all reviews are screened to ensure that nothing suspicious or intentionally malicious gets through. TripAdvisor said it would not comment further on litigation that was threatening or pending.

Mr Naudi and his wife Victoria run the hotel jointly, and the owner has become unhappy with how is complaints are handled by TripAdvisor. Having owned the Sportsman for the last 12 years, Mr Naudi says he believes many have launched unfair complaints not based in actual fact.

He added that he had put his heart and soul into turning the property around saying that the hotel currently has 16 full-time staff, many of which the hotel has sent to college. Additionally, the hotel was featured in the Good Food Guide.

With a 60 per cent customer return rate, he was upset not to have had the opportunity to respond to those customers that complained anonymously on the online travel site. He said that many younger customers were quick to visit online sites such as TripAdvisor and comment without coming to reception to request it be sorted out.

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Sam September 23, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Personally, I swear by trip advisor, I see it as the Holy Grail and will not book a holiday without checking out the reviews. From a general perspective, I am sure I can speak for many readers when I say that customers are fed up of seeing the holiday brochures that show 4 & 5 star hotels. Then you arrive and it is not as it seems, by then you have spent alot of money and there is little that you can do.

The flip side, I am sensible enough to realise if someone has a bad experience, they will give the hotel a poor rating, equally some give it an extremely high one. I always read both extremes, taking note of the reoccurring themes. i.e. unable to sleep to due building work outside, limitations on what is supposed to be “all inclusive”, lots of children out of control.

I agree there are some malicious ones, but Trip advisor are not responsible, the onus is on the hotel to provide a good service, which will in turn minimise negative reviews

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