Royals pay Skid Row a visit

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on July 12, 2011

Prince William and his new wife Kate have paid a visit to a school in LA’s deprived Skid Row area, on the last day of their North American tour.

The couple heard about the current challenges faced by all students studying at the non-profit Inner City Arts academy. Shortly after, they sat at easels and spoke to youngsters.

Before they left to fly back to Britain, the royal couple also showed their faces at a job fair solely dedicated to helping military veterans find work. Skid Row, in the heart of LA’s downtown area, is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the world.

Inner-City Arts has so far seen at least 150,000 vulnerable youngsters pass through its gates to be taught performance, in addition to visual art, ever since it was established in 1989. The royals were welcomed by six young children that were holding a banner, as well as around 150 well-wishers.

Ms Cynthia Harnisch, the president of the academy, spoke to the famous couple about all of the poverty-related challenges that are faced by the students at the school. The royals also worked side-by-side with some of them and helped with their paintings. 

Lastly, William and Kate saw the site’s ceramics studio, which is where children are working on different parts of a huge tortoise.

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