Ryanair Cash Passport comes into criticism

by William ASTON on October 5, 2011

A pre-paid card for customers of Ryanair, which was launched on Tuesday, has been criticised by Which?, the consumer group.

The airline’s passengers are being pushed into signing up for Ryanair’s Cash Passport in order to avoid administration fees of £6 a person per journey. As with the majority of pre-paid cards, there are charges for withdrawing cash or failing to use it for six months.

Which? has described the card as being an “insult” to customers; however, Ryanair promises it will make things a lot easier and cheaper. Previously, Ryanair administration fees were only avoidable with Electron cards and, before this, it was Mastercard pre-paid cards. From November onwards, however, anyone using a Mastercard pre-paid card is going to be charged also.

At an event to launch the new card, a spokesman from Ryanair insisted that 25 per cent of all British bookings are being made using Mastercard pre-paid cards. It was added that the airline hopes to take over this proportion and increase it with its new Cash Passport card.

Which? said that Ryaniar switching to its new card will complicate the process further, and concluded that it is nothing other than an insult to customers, who have few opportunities to avoid such fees. For use, the card needs to be pre-loaded before any bookings can be made. In addition, there might be extra costs for each time a customer signs up.

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