Ryanair demands DAA monopoly disbandment

by William ASTON on January 4, 2012

Ryanair today made calls for the DAA airport monopoly to be broken up as it finally published the traffic for three DAA hubs that showed that, for the fourth consecutive year, traffic declined from the 22.6m passengers received in 2010 to the 22.1m received in 2011.

Despite artificially low comparables in 2010, much due to volcano ash from Iceland and snow closures, the traffic of the last four years dropped 21 per cent at Dublin, 34 per cent at Cork, and a worrying 56 per cent at Shannon. The statement read that Ryanair has made calls on the Irish Government to start delivering on its promise to change and reform while breaking-up the DAA monopoly as traffic at three DAA monopoly hubs has proven to have fallen for the fourth year on the trot.

Overall, traffic of the DAA monopoly has dropped 26 per cent since 2007, with the traffic continuing to drop at Cork and Shannon while stagnating at Dublin, which has plummeted by at least 21p per cent since 2007. Should Ireland see any economic recovery this year, the statement continued, competition between the airports in Dublin, Cork, and Shannon is needed while reducing high charges at the DAA’s airports should also become a priority if Ireland is to compete with its international neighbours – the majority of which cut prices both in 2010 and 2011.

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