Ryanair fees discriminate against UK fliers

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on June 29, 2012

Ryanair has been charging British travellers almost a quarter more than their counterparts in in other European countries with its various fees and charges.

The carrier calculates optional and non-optional fees through an £1 = €1 exchange rate - a policy first adopted when the sterling was near to parity with its European counterpart . Since summer last year, however, the debt crisis on the continent has seen the British pound strengthen to an incredible four-year high when measured against the euro, meaning that British travellers have been paying more than the residents of EIRE and other European nations.

Some of Ryanair’s charges include web check-in fees and admin fees, the latter of which are avoidable only if passengers carry a Ryanair Cash Passport. All travellers from Britain must pay £12 per person for each return flight and then £6 per person if a second flier makes reservations in the same booking. At present, those outside of the UK pay €12 and €6 - equating to just £9.60 and £4.80 respectively.

British holidaymakers also shell out more in optional charges as, for example, they must pay £50 to check in one 15kg bag during the high season whenever flying with the airline. Elsewhere in Europe, only €50, which equates to £40, is paid. The same is also true of the charges for reserved seating, carriage of sports equipment and musical instruments, reissue of boarding cards, and excess baggage.

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