Ryanair in fuel saving campaign

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on April 3, 2012

Ryanair is planning to reduce the size of the in-flight magazine it provides to passengers while also putting less ice in drinks, as part of an effort to cut down its bills.

As the cost of jet fuel rose sharply over the past few years, airlines have started conjuring up ever more imaginative methods aimed at reducing the overall weight of their planes. Stephen McNamara, a Ryanair spokesman, commented that the airline cuts costs wherever possible, with the removal of armrests having already been considered. Additionally, members of Ryanair’s cabin crew have been asked to keep an eye on their weight.

The airline has controversially been a vocal supporter of introducing “fat taxes”, which would see overweight passengers being asked to pay more. The usual “Let’s Go with Ryanair” magazine that has been given to all fliers is to be published on smaller A5 paper, as opposed to the larger A4. This move could reduce its current fuel bill by thousands while cutting printing costs by over £400,000.

Other policies implemented by the no-frills airline include slashing the amount of ice that is taken on board all flights, as well as reducing how much trolleys and seats weigh. Ryanair’s rivals in the world of low-cost travel have taken similar measures, including the removal of all magazine racks, rubbish bins, and glassware.

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