Ryanair Passengers to pay Lavatory Fee

by William ASTON on April 9, 2010

Passengers are facing a lot of increased charges, old fees coming back and even new fees. However, Ryanair will now be the first carrier to charge their customers to pee in-flight. This so-called ‘toilet tax’ has been considered but scrapped before, and now it’s making a comeback.

Ryanair passengers will now have to pay a €1 fee in order to use the coin-operated toilet on their flight. The carrier is also cutting the number of lavatories on their planes to just 1. A spokesman for Ryanair, Stephen McNamara, says that they hope travelers will simply use the lavatory before or after their fight. Plus, they will be able to add 6 more seats to aircraft after removing 2 toilets.

Meanwhile, Ryanair also plans to introduce an increased fee for checking in luggage, which will rise to €20 for July and August only. However, they are advising customers to use their carry-on luggage allowance to save money. McNamara says that they want travelers to be enticed to travel light this summer, and this is how they will do it.

This fee is nothing compared to the $45 on carry-on bags introduced by American no-frills airline Spirit Airlines. However, customers will be able to slide by on a $30 fee if they prepay online.

It’s no surprise that airlines are starting to increase prices now that recovery from the recession is underway. They lost billions while the economy was down and had to lower their prices just to get people to fly. Now they are trying to return things to normal as much as they can.

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