Scottish government under fire for Monday travel chaos

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on December 8, 2010

Opposition parties have demanded that inquiries be made into the travel chaos caused by heavy snow in central Scotland on Monday.

Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson apologised after hundreds of vehicles along with their drivers were trapped overnight as temperatures plunged in the country. On Wednesday, parliament will hear a ministerial statement.

Opposition MSPs said that ministers had failed to act once severe weather reports had been received. Mr Stevenson said that the authorities were working on weather advice that had not accurately described conditions.

He added that officials would now investigate the information they had been given saying the weather forecast they had received appears to differ from those of other forecasters. Mr Stevenson said it would be important to find out why the ministry had received one set of predictions, which had seemingly been inaccurate.

Mr Stevenson said that officials are sorry that motorists were stuck out overnight and that they were aware of the difficulties that had been caused for people. He also thanked Britons for their patience and substantial tolerance.

The Transport Minister along with his advisors will now review their performance in order to address the issues that led to the incident. The government’s actions regarding Monday’s severe weather have met with widespread criticism from the public and opposition parties.

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