Scottish Hotels get Boost from Staycationers

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 2, 2009

The July numbers for hotels in the United Kingdom are somewhat promising, even if they are the result of fear and worry.  Fear over the swine flu and worry over the economy have more and more Britons choosing to take their holiday within the United Kingdom.   These “staycationers” are part of the reason the airline industry is struggling so mighty, however, these holidaymakers are good news for hotel owners in the United Kingdom, especially in Scotland.

While the rest of the UK saw a modest drop in their July occupancy rates of around 4 percent in the month of July, hotels in Scotland actually went up by over 5 percent in that same period of time.   The revenue generated per room also went up in Scotland, while the rest of the United Kingdom went down significantly, with a drop of nearly 12 percent.

Alistair Rae, a prominent member of the Real Estate and Hospitality sector of Scotland said, “Increases in both occupancy and rooms yield indicate that hoteliers are not having to reduce prices to maintain numbers which is a positive sign that there is a relatively strong demand.”

In addition to the large numbers of those taking their holiday in the UK, the favorable exchange rate of the Euro also played a role in the increased July numbers.

The above quote comes from BBC News.  For more information, please visit their website.

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