Second nuclear explosion brings more chaos in Japan

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on March 14, 2011

A second explosion at a nuclear power plant in Japan following Friday’s devastating earthquake has done nothing to quell the fears of those currently in the country. Many foreign governments have advised their citizens to leave the country and avoid travel, with Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan warning that the power plant in Fukushina remains in an alarming state.

Officials claim only minimal radiation has been released after explosions at two reactors since the 8.9 Richter scale quake hit on Friday. The incident, which was followed by several aftershocks and a tsunami, is being dubbed as the worst disaster for Japan since WWII.

A nation-wide power outage was introduced over the weekend as the government was forced to suspend work at all its nuclear plants after coolers were thrown out by Friday’s quake. Technicians are currently using seawater to try and cool gases at the Fukushina plant.

A huge rescue mission is also underway, with the total death toll still unknown but expected to be in the tens of thousands. At the time of writing the official death toll stood at 1,596, but reports of 18,000 people unaccounted for in one coastal village alone makes for a grim outlook.

Thousands have also been evacuated from the area around the power plant which could still suffer another explosion, according to officials. Around 20 people are being treated for exposure to radiation but the government claims any leakage has so far has been minimal.

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