Security Tightened at UK Airports

by Ella FAIRCHILD on December 30, 2009

The travel industry has never really recovered from the September 11th terrorist attacks which forced the world to re-evaluate the ways that we travel.  People have gotten used to the long lines and lengthy delays as each passenger has to have each item inspected and even has to remove their shoes.  Each new attempted attack brings its own new set of rules and regulations.  The shoe bomber made it necessary to take off shoes, the recent foiled attack in which terrorists hope to use liquid explosives has made it so people can no longer bring liquids on planes, and the most recent attempt has forced even more safety regulations to be put into effect.

When a Nigerian man tried to set off a bomb that he was able to sneak onto the flight in his underwear, even more safety measures had to be taken, especially on planes originating from or heading to the United States.  The airports of the United Kingdom were backed up for hours due to the increased security, with some flights headed to the United States delayed for up to three hours.  Authorities said that travelers should try to be patient and expect delays due to extra bag inspections and pat downs after passing through initial security.  Passengers will also only be allowed one piece of carryon luggage in an effort to reduce the potential that someone could sneak something aboard a flight in a small bag.

Passengers were also warned that any gifts that they were carrying would need to be unwrapped before they would be allowed on the flight.

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