Selfcatering bookings to rise in 2011

by Alister POOLE on January 4, 2011

Holiday homeowners could see a beneficial 2011 as a real booking bonanza for selfcatering holidays takes place.

A new survey, put together by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, showed that UK holidaymakers are keen to ditch out on the dreary weather and head abroad to do so. According to figures, nearly double the amount of travellers is looking to stay at holiday homes rather than hotels with nightly room rates.

The report forecasts that 50 per cent more Britons will look to book villas or apartments before the end of February of the new year.

While people look to spend less money to take breaks this year, 35 per cent still said they would get away from the weather in the next eight weeks with trips to Europe and the Mediterranean. A further six per cent said they were planning to take trips to the US to escape the abysmal temperatures.

However, those that own holiday homes in the UK could see the next two months be just as fruitful as many look to use selfcatering and staycations to remain local and save money. The survey recorded that 29 per cent would staycation in Devon or Cornwall, rather than heading to Spain or France.

Whether at home or abroad, selfcatering should remain popular this year. As VAT increases and the recession continues, holidaymakers will be keen to save money wherever they travel.

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