Signs to stop any tourist confusion in Guernsey

by Alister POOLE on August 23, 2011

Authorities running St Peter Port have released plans for maps that will help stop tourists from getting lost in their town.

New ‘you are here’ signs are going to give visitors a clearer indication of where they are and nearby landmarks, in addition to historical photographs.

Police constables in Guernsey’s capital have submitted planning applications for display boards around the North Esplanade, and also the famous Market Square steps.

These moves came after complaints from some of the traders working in the Old Quarter, who complained of not enough tourists being aware that they have their businesses set up in the area.

Dennis Le Moignan, who is St Peter Port’s Junior Constable, said that the boards are going to help welcome visitors while helping them discover special parts of their town that they might never get to see otherwise.

Le Moignan told BBC News that the signs are quite colourful and will be on black, stainless steel poles - which will fit in when it comes to the rest of a street’s furniture. Le Moignan added that the action is being taken for visitors to the island.

Maps have been designed to include important information and accompanying photographs. Ours is a tourist island, which is why should make sure we help people find their way around, it, and make them feel a lot more comfortable than they have been.

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