Southwest Airlines Kicks Director Kevin Smith from Flight for being Too Fat

by Alister POOLE on February 15, 2010

“Silent Bob” actor Kevin Smith, who is also a director and filmmaker, has criticized Southwest Airlines via Twitter after the pilot of his flight kicked him off, because he was too fat. He was traveling home to Burbank after appearing at Macworld Expo in San Francisco to give a speech on Saturday.

Smith is not oblivious to the fact that he’s heavier than the average Joe and usually purchases a second ticket when he flies. This time however, he changed his travel plans and they only had one seat available on the flight he wanted. So when he was asked by the pilot to step off the plane because he was a safety risk, he was more than upset.

The actor/director took to Twitter to let out his frustration, saying that he knows he’s fat, but questioned if the pilot was justified in kicking him off the plane where he was already seated. His anger was really over the fact that they waited until he was seated and his bag was put up before they said anything to him, not to mention that he was asked to leave the plane in front all the other passengers.

Smith’s tweet continued to tell Southwest Airlines to go f— themselves, because he wasn’t a safety risk and didn’t break any regulations. He believes he was wrongly booted from the flight, noting that even the attendant who told him the pilot’s decision agreed that she didn’t see the issue.

Due to all this, Southwest Airlines has explained the issue via their blog and said that they issued him a $100 voucher, as well as assisted him in getting on another flight and apologized for the inconvenience. Smith, of course, said f— their apologetic voucher and promised new f—you tweets to the airline everyday. Later, Southwest Airlines representative left a post on their Twitter account apologizing for the event and saying that they hope to make things right.

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