Space Holidays Coming in 2012

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on November 5, 2009

There have been many predictions made about the year 2012.  Some have linked the date to the Mayan calendar and say the year may signify the end of the world.  A major motion picture is even cashing in on the hype with computer generated images of doom and mayhem.  One prediction that many would not have thought possible was the one that said by 2012 humans would be vacationing in outer space, but if everything goes as planned this science fiction dream will soon be a reality.  The Galactic Suite Space Resort is on schedule to be open for business in 2012.

The project was funded by an anonymous billionaire who sunk nearly three billion dollars into the project, which will allow people to take a three day trip to space.  The space resort was built by architects from Barcelona and is already generating interest and taking reservations.  The stay won’t be cheap.  In addition to the three day space hotel the visitor also undergoes an eight week training course to prepare for the rigors of space travel.   The cost will be roughly three million euro which includes the entire package of training and trip.

Some have expressed doubt that the project will be completed in this time frame but Galactic Suites claims that the project is going well and is completely on schedule.  Customers will travel by rocket into orbit where they will join a capsule before returning in three days.  A spokesman for Galactic Suites claims that space travel will soon be commonplace.

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