Staff Shortages Increase Cost of Rental Cars

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on September 9, 2009

A lack of employees at car hire agencies has some rental car customers paying higher fees for their holiday travel. Europcar, which is the largest rental car agency in Europe, was recently accused of hitting customers with false charges, charges that might have been avoided had there been an adequate amount of staff. Several customers have reported finding no employees available to check in their rental car return, which means many are being left to pay late fees which simply are not their fault.

Europcar hasn’t been immune to the global economy, the industry giant has been reporting losses at many of locations, as the increasing world financial crisis, coupled with concerns over the H1N1 outbreak, have many travelers choosing to stay home.

This has left companies like Europcar looking for new ways to save money and unfortunately one of these cost cutting strategies includes cutting staff. This has led to some customers being charged unfairly. It has been a common occurrence for rental car customers to find unexplained charges on their credit card bill, but until recently charges for late return was not usually one of them.

A rental car is not officially checked in until a member of the staff has done so, which means customers now face the inconvenience of waiting around or the potential of being charged for returning the car late if they decide to leave before a member of staff has checked the car in.

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