Statue of Liberty lit up again; iconic monument relit after Hurricane Sandy

by William ASTON on November 12, 2012

The Statue of Liberty in New York has been illuminated again for the first time after being closed as a result of damage that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.

To light up the torch and crown of the statue, temporary LED lights were installed. Other lights powered through the use of a generator will be used to light up the remaining parts of the iconic landmark.

Previously, the Statue of Liberty was unlit since October 29 after damage to Liberty Island by the storm left the authorities no other choice than to turn off its power supply. The statue, arguably New York City’s most popular tourist attraction, had just been reopened before the storm after a refurbishment that totalled £19 million.

As of yet, it remains unclear whether or not the attraction is to be reopened to visitors. Whatever the situation, residents of the city will welcome the relighting of the statue as a huge step towards New York recovering from devastation that was caused first hand by the “superstorm” that has been estimated to have run up a $20 billion bill of damages across New York State.

While the storm claimed the lives of over 100 people around 10 states, New York and its neighbour New Jersey were undoubtedly hit the hardest. An official statement was published on the National Park Service’s website to announce that the Statue of Liberty is again lighting up New York Harbor.

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