Sun seekers fly away from Britain to avoid rain clouds

by Ella FAIRCHILD on August 23, 2012

Around 1.8million Brits will head overseas this Bank Holiday weekend, in an attempt to avoid predicted rain and cool conditions.

The majority of those flying away will be heading to Spanish, Turkish and Greek resorts. Others will remain in the country for music festivals and sporting events but will most probably end up having to take shelter under umbrellas at one point or another.

Forecasters have been predicting heavy and thundery rain around Wales, Northern Ireland and southwestern England on Friday. This is to be followed by unsettled conditions across the UK on Saturday as plenty of cloud will follow heavy, thundery, downpours.

Windy weather should also be expected on Saturday, with some temperatures just over 20C - providing a stark contrast with the 32C recorded last weekend. As many Britons will testify though, any return to wintry weather is reflective of previous bank holiday washouts.

The Highways Agency has already confirmed that around 194 miles’ worth of roadworks are to be completed prior to this weekend with 59 miles’ worth of further works suspended so as not to cause further disruptions over the holiday period. It has been added by officials, however, that M1 roadworks will be the cause of delays in Luton, Bedfordshire.  On the railways, some engineering work will take place but most services are to run as normal.

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