Tata Motors Boss Jumps From Bangkok Hotel After Fight With Wife

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on January 29, 2014

Just last weekend, it was announced that the British-born managing director of Indian car company Tata Motors, Karl Slym, fell from the 22nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. At first, it was believed that Slym simply fell. However, it has now emerged that he jumped from a tiny window in his hotel room after a fight with his wife.

According to reports, Slym was given a three-page letter from his wife Sally. In this letter, his wife talked about a bunch of family problems that they were having. The problems detailed in the letter were so grand that she had stopped speaking to him.

Early in the morning this past Sunday, Slym climbed out a tiny window in his hotel room on the 22nd floor and jumped. He ended up landing on a staff accommodation area on the fourth floor. It is believed that he died on impact.

His wife had traveled with him to Thailand as he attended a board meeting for Tata Motors in Bangkok. Multiple times, the couple was heard yelling and fighting with each other. These fights reached a boiling point on Saturday night.

Slym’s wife said that she gave the letter to her husband and then went to sleep. She only learned that he had killed himself the next day when police came to the door. She had to be treated for shock and told the police that they had a fight about family problems before she went to bed.

The post-mortem report shows that Slym died of injuries suffered to the brain as a result of a broken skull. He also crushed other vital internal organs as a result of the fall. The couple was going to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this summer.

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