Team Oasis Sets Up Camp for Disadvantaged Kids

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on August 26, 2009

Liverpool charity, Team Oasis, hopes to raise £150,000 to buy a parcel of land in Orihuela, Alicante, Spain, which it will use to build Camp Oasis, a holiday getaway for disadvantaged youngsters from the United Kingdom.  The charity has turned to the local community in hopes of raising the necessary funds through local donations.  The camp will offer free holiday vacations to poor and underprivileged youth in the UK.

The target goal for the purchase of the land is next year, and Team Oasis has a variety of events planned to help raise the money.  The group hopes to use sponsors and locals alike to raise the money for the land, and once it is built, local children and volunteers will complete the project by doing landscaping and eventually building the necessary log cabins and other facilities for the camp.

“We’ve been discussing the idea of Camp Oasis for seven years, and in fact the idea for Camp Oasis came before we set up the successful Team Oasis,” said Paul Nilson, charity co-coordinator at Team Oasis.  He went on to say, “We plan to buy about 25 acres of rural land about 30 minutes inland from the coast in a lovely town called Orihuela.”
Team Oasis hopes the promise of helping Liverpool children will allow them to raise all of the money locally in Liverpool, making this a true project of the community.

Thanks to Leader for the above quote.  For more information, please visit their website.

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