Tension mounts in the Big Brother household

by Emily DUNBAR on June 29, 2010

Four of the Big Brother housemates could be facing eviction in an upcoming live show on the Channel 4 reality series.

Initially nominated for the boot were Govan, Shabby, Ben and Dave, but Shabby earned a spot to stay by winning a task and choosing someone else to face eviction in her place. The 24-year old diva picked Mario, who will now have to earn the right to stay through a popular vote.

The show is well into its 11th and last series and already drama and tension have hit the house hard. Rachael, a dead-look alike for singer Beyonce, was the first to go, when she was booted from the Big Brother house earlier last week. The group has already started to divide itself after Big Brother dolled out punishments for housemates discussing nominations.

Several housemates had to complete a series of secret tasks designed to create further friction within the household. Corin was asked by producers to concoct absurd lies about the housemates, while Shabby, after arguing with Ben, was forced to complement him numerous times.

The winner of this current household will join prior winners as well as some of the more notable contestants from previous series to decide the ultimate Big Brother title. The two-week special will air after this series concludes and will mark the exit of the hit reality TV show. The opening episode of this current series garnered a 5.1 million viewer audience, however that number is slightly lower than figures for the show in 2009.

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