Texas Plane Crash was Intentional

by Tiffany Millar on February 19, 2010

A plane crashed into an Austin, Texas federal office building on Thursday morning in what looked to be an accident. However, authorities soon found out that the ‘accident’ was really the intention of a local to take out his anger on the IRS.

The grudged resident decided he would set his house on fire and then crashed a small Piper Cherokee PA-28 plane into an IRS office building with almost 200 people inside, according to officials. Federal authorities identified the man as 53-year-old Joseph Andrew Stack. Due to the crash, 2 people were killed, 2 others were hospitalized and 11 were treated for minor injuries.

Stack didn’t go without explaining himself though, leaving a chilling note on a website registered to him. The six page post read, “If you’re reading this, you’re…asking yourself, ‘Why did this have to happen?’ The simple truth is that it is complicated and has been coming for a long time.” However, it appears that he just simply had enough of insanity, which he defined as “repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different.” He then proceeded to tell the IRS to “take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”

University Medical Center Brackenridge spokeswoman Matilda Sanchez confirmed that 2 people were transported to the hospital, but she couldn’t give anymore information. The facility is the only Level 1 trauma center in Austin for adults.

By Thursday afternoon, Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell said that one person was still missing, while he tried to calm residents’ concerns about the day’s events. He told the public that the incident is isolated and that no one is in danger, adding that the gas tank of the plane being about full is what caused such a huge fire and did so much damage.

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