Thailand and Cambodia agree on border clash truce

by Alister POOLE on April 28, 2011

Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to a ceasefire after almost a full week of fighting across their disputed border, according to officials.

Both countries confirmed that the truce was struck as a result of talks between their armies. In total, fourteen soldiers and one civilian were killed over the last seven days in jungle areas surrounding two ancient temples that both countries are claiming ownership of.

Each side has passed the blame on to other for causing violent scenes that have ended up displacing thousands of rural villagers. The deal was struck at the end of a seventh day of combat around the two temples, namely Ta Krabey and its counterpart Ta Moan, resulted in another Thai soldier being killed.

The true was first announced first by Cambodian authorities and then then by Thai officials. In Bangkok, government spokesman Panitan Wattanayogorn explained how discussions by the militaries of both sides resulted in a ceasefire agreement. He also added that border checkpoints are set to be re-opened with villagers now able to returning home.

The fighting broke out on the 22nd of April and spread to a third location, a flashpoint hill-top temple, Preah Vihear, on the 26th. Both sides used heavy weapons, as well as artillery fire, according to sources.

Sporadic clashes between Thailand and Cambodia have erupted at regular intervals throughout history, due to the fact that parts of the border shared by the two South East Asian countries have never been formally agreed.


Kry VongSocheat April 29, 2011 at 5:58 am

That’s good if Thai really want peace. However, after the negotiation, last night-28th, Thai military started bombarding artillery shells into Cambodia’s territary again. When asked they said they did it as they were affraid of ghost. The did this for frightenning the ghost away (Shit pretext!)

Kry VongSocheat April 29, 2011 at 6:01 am

They bombarded into Cambodia’s territory till the dawn of Friday 29. However, Cambodian soldiers didn’t react to this offense at the same level just using riffle response leading 1 Thai soldier dead and other 4 injured.

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