Three Terrorists Sentenced in London

by Emily DUNBAR on September 16, 2009

Three men who just last week were convicted of attempted terror by a London court were sentenced today for their plot to use liquid bombs to blow up airplanes.  The self admitted ringleader of the operation Abdulla Ahmed Ali was given the harshest sentence when the judge ordered him to prison for a minimum of forty years for his crime.  Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain were also found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and were given slightly lessened sentences of thirty six and thirty two years for their role in the terrorist plot.

The three men were attempting to blow up seven Trans Atlantic flights out of London by using liquid explosives that they had hidden in soda bottles.  The flights were headed to various major cities in the United States and Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.  The men intended to explode the planes after they were over areas of dense population, making for the maximum body count, as they would not only murder those on the plane, but anyone on the ground below.

The plot, which certainly would have taken thousands of lives, would have been the biggest terrorist attack since the deadly bombing of the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001.  If the plot had not been foiled it would have been very difficult for airport security to locate the liquid explosives, which would not have set off any alarms.

The incident is expected to cause the United States and the UK to rethink many security measures, including bringing liquids of any kind onto an airplane,

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