Thunderstorm hinders Joplin tornado rescue

by Alister POOLE on May 23, 2011

A thunderstorm is hindering the search and rescue efforts around an America city that has been hit by a tornado.

The tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri and killed at least 89 people while injuring hundreds. Facing facts, Officials expect that the death toll will rise.

Mark Rohr, a Joplin official, said that the storm cut considerable paths at least six miles long, flattening buildings as well as damaging a hospital that was evacuated. Most of the city is without power and strong winds are hitting it. The tornado knocked down electricity lines with telephone services largely cut off.

Mississippi’s governor Jay Nixon declared a state-wide state of emergency, warning that more storms are soon to be experienced. Cities across three other states in the Midwest have been affected and one person lost their life in the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Last month, tornadoes and thunderstorms were responsible for killing at least 350 citizens  in Alabama and at least six other southern states. Before the storm hit Joplin, tornado sirens rang out. When it came, it cut a gash almost six mules long through the centre of the city.

I heard loud huffing noises and my windows began popping, said Jeff Lehr, a local reporter employed by the Joplin Globe newspaper who also told how he hid in a closet while the storm tore his house’s roof off.

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