Timeshares Are Hot Investment for Holidaymakers

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on September 14, 2009

With the global recession causing many Britons to look for creative ways to save money on their holiday travel, time shares have become a popular option for both holidaymakers and investors alike.  This is good news for Pontin’s UK, which hopes to expand its holiday parks and time shares in the United Kingdom.  The multi-million pound investment in the holiday park and time share segments is due to be completed in five years.

The global economy has many holidaymakers rethinking the ways that they travel, and the swine flu outbreak has also increased concerns about their health, making travel abroad an expensive and unappealing option for holidaymakers in the United Kingdom.  This has led to a record number of staycationers, or those choosing to stay within their country for their summer holiday.  While this is bad news for many in the travel and tourism industry, especially airlines and hotels, it has caused an unexpected boom for timeshares and holiday parks in the United Kingdom.

Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park is one result of this boom, as the new holiday park will offer opportunities for those looking for a less expensive vacation as well as those looking for a way to invest their money.  Investments in time shares have become a trendy way to invest as many are taking advantage of the record number of staycationers in the United Kingdom.

The new park will offer just about anything a holidaymaker would need for a relaxing stay.  Leisure activities for guests, a spa facility, and renovated entertainment complexes will all be on offer in the Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park, which hopes to open its doors to holidaymakers in three to five years.

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