Titanic memorial cruise well back on course

by Ella FAIRCHILD on April 11, 2012

A memorial cruise retracing the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage is now well back on course after yesterday saw delays due to a seriously ill passenger having to receive medical treatment.

The Balmoral was left with no other option than to turn back and head towards shore after having left Cobh, located on Ireland’s south coast, once cameraman Tim Rex, aged 56, began suffering what is now suspected to have been a heart attack.

Mr Rex, employed by the BBC to cover the memorial cruise, had to be flown to hospital on a helicopter. The ship, which was 100 miles from the shore it left when crew made a call to Irish Coast Guard officials, had to travel an additional 20 miles further east in order to get within a range air rescue services were capable of reaching.

On April 10 in1912, the original Titanic left Southampton and called at Cobh the day after. Cobh was the last port that the ship called at before crashing into an iceberg. Yesterday’s memorial cruise delay was the second problem the cruise ship has encountered since departing from Southampton on Sunday. On Monday, 30-foot waves paired with strong winds had both passengers and organisers in panic.

The ship is scheduled to reach the site the Titanic sank at on April 14, when a memorial service is to be held, before it visits Halifax’s Fairview Lawn Cemetery - where the victims of the tragic 1912 disaster have been interred since the early 20th century. It is then to continue on across the Atlantic and eventually reach New York City.

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