Top Gear’s the Stig goes public

by Tiffany Millar on September 9, 2010

After going public with his true identity, Top Gear’s mysterious the Stig has been sacked from the show.

Keeping mum for more than seven years, Ben Collins went public with his role as the prestigious white-suited driver on the popular BBC series after the broadcast network lost an application with the High Court for a temporary injunction. The injunction, which sought to prevent Collins from going public, is believed to be over a tell-all book that Collins will pen after being offered £250,000 in advance by publisher HarperCollins.

Donning the white suit and helmet for seven years, Collins was sacked immediately by the network after he revealed to Britain he was the man behind the trademark role. In a statement, Jeremy Clarkson said he felt betrayed and believed Collins had betrayed the show by naming himself. Clarkson did add, however, that he believed thousands of new candidates would happily take on whatever new gimmick the show comes up with.

Once the High Court refused BBC the right to place an injunction on Collins right to reveal himself, the Stig officially took off his helmet showing the world who he was. The former Top Gear mystery man was a former American NASCAR Formula 1 driver and had done stunt work for James Bond hero Daniel Craig. Collins currently resides in Bristol with his wife and three young children.

A spokesman for Top Gear said that the show would not be issuing any statements or comments regarding the identity of the stuntman. Furthermore, the spokesman reiterated that the show and its crew do not comment on speculation surrounding the Stig’s identity.

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