Tourism can Create Jobs and Help the UK Economy

by William ASTON on September 16, 2009

VisitBritain, the national tourism agency of the United Kingdom, is making an argument that tourism can create thousands of jobs in the UK.  The agency claims that tourism can play a major role in restoring the economy in the United Kingdom and in addition can create jobs in a rapid fashion.  The agency gave various reasons for why the travel and tourism industry should not be overlooked as the country tries to figure a way out of the continuing recession.

Christopher Rodrigues, who is the chairman of VisitBritain, made the case that tourism is an industry which requires a large amount of labor, making it one of the leaders in creating jobs for the unemployed.   He went on to say that the travel and tourism industry often purchases large amounts of goods and services from other industries, making it a quick way to stimulate economic growth.

The visitor economy of the United Kingdom is responsible for more than one hundred and ten billion pounds a year, and this money is not concentrated in one particular business or one particular area, which is another reason Rodrigues was pushing for more national attention to the slumping industry.

VisitBritain also warned that without significant help and intervention from the government it would be likely that the industry would slip even farther, which would put over two million jobs at risk.  One of the biggest reasons for the downturn in tourism is the loss of business travel, as businesses around the globe look for ways to cut costs in these trying economic times, including cutting back on travel.

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