Tourism expert suggests Skegness name change

by William ASTON on January 20, 2012

Skegness should find a new name and boost its image as a result of doing so, a tourism expert has insisted.

David Harper, of Leisure Property Services, commented that the town suffers from a bad reputation and is thought of as being a low quality resort. He said that it needs to be re-branded in order to attract the wealthier market of UK tourists and changing the name of the town would be the most cost effective way method of reinventing the seaside favourite.

Mr Harper said it needed to be re-branded to attract a wealthier market and changing its name would be a cost effective way of injecting fresh life into the coastal town. East Lindsey District Council has dismissed the idea while saying that the traditional British resort still has mass appeal.

Adam Grist, a local councillor, said that the very suggestion of changing the name is ridiculous and such an action will not solve all problems automatically. Grist added that people visit Skegness every summer in their thousands because it is a traditional UK resort that offers everything.

A representative of Skegness’ East Coast and Wolds Hospitality Association was in agreement with Mr Grist by saying that the idea of changing the name of the town he loves was absolutely crazy. He went on to conclude that Skegness and nearby Lincoln are the two main attractions in their part of England as well as being two well-recognised names.

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