Tourist Resorts and Villages Wiped out by Tsunami

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on October 1, 2009

A tsunami that rocked the South Pacific has thousands of people stranded and over one hundred people missing or deceased in what has been the deadliest tsunami since 2003.  Whole villages were wiped out by the waves which were reported as being over eleven meters tall in some areas.  Hotels, resorts, and bungalows were destroyed over much of the islands of Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga after the waves rocked the shoreline.  The British Consulate is still trying to get an accurate total of how many Britons were on the island and how many might still be missing.

The death toll will likely continue to mount over the next few days as rescue workers frantically search for survivors amongst the rubble and destruction.  Thus far, at least one Brit has been assumed dead as a couple from the UK lost their two year old child.  The child is presumed drown in the tsunami, and at least twenty other Brits were on the island at the time the tsunami hit.  Thus far all have been accounted for, but the British Consulate has reported that they have received many calls from the UK in which people were looking for missing persons.

One survivor on the island of Samoa claimed that his entire resort was easily washed away by the waves, which were triggered when a level eight earthquake struck in the ocean off the shore.  The owner said that all of his bungalows, boats, and his restaurant were swept away by the waves, which basically destroyed everything in their path.

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