Trains Regaining Popularity within Europe

by Emily DUNBAR on November 12, 2009

Many years ago the romance of the train gave way the convenience of flying.  People began flying everywhere, even short trips were done by air.  With the economy floundering and more people concerned about the environment, flights are down all over the world.  Trains are once again in vogue as European airlines are being forced to reduce their number of flights.  A severe drop in bookings has forced many airlines to cut the number and variety of flights that they are able to offer. 

By forming new hookups with local train companies in the United Kingdom, Eurostar is hoping to cash in on the growing number of people who are looking for an alternative to flying.  Those travelling in Europe will be able to plan their entire trip from over 200 towns and cities within the UK.  This makes booking much easier, as in the past a trip of this type would require multiple reservations.  Now it can all be done through Eurostar, which thinks this will be a viable alternative to short haul flights.

Next year Eurostar will launch a high speed rail service between Brussels and Amsterdam that will put several Dutch cities within range of London.  Once the project is complete passengers will be able to reach several Dutch cities within four hours. The increase in train travel is already becoming clear, as bookings to Amsterdam have risen a sharp 22 percent this year.  As gas prices rise, and the economy continues to struggle, many will look to trains as a legitimate option for travel within Europe.

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