Travel Insurance May be Rip Off

by Alister POOLE on January 26, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about travel insurance in the news these days for a variety of reasons.  Recently the Post Office Insurance company released a statement in which they encouraged people going on winter sport holidays to buy more insurance.  Also, many travel insurance companies have been trying to take advantage of the troubles airlines are facing, by offering additional coverage on things like airport closures, or flight cancellations.  With so many airlines going under in the last year travelers are looking for ways to protect themselves in case the airline they are traveling on disappears in the middle of their holiday.  A recent study found that many of these travel insurance companies are not what they seem and are in fact using customer loyalty and trust to rip people off.

Some of the biggest names in business such as American Express, the Post Office, and Barclays are overcharging many of their customers by as much as fifty percent according to a recent study conducted by Essential Travel.  Essential Travel, which is a holiday extras and travel insurance specialist, say that these companies are using their strong brand recognition to overcharge customers for their services.  Because these are generally well established and trusted brand names, customers often assume that they are getting a fair price, when in reality this is not the case.  Essential Travel reported that a single trip in Europe will cost approximately forty pounds through the Post Office, which is more than double what the policy is worth, and the pricing structure for other well known names is similar.

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Carter's Travel Guide February 10, 2010 at 5:35 am

Don’t just go for the typical policy that might try to categorize you. Make sure the shoe fits.

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