Travel Reports Optimistic for 2010

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on September 11, 2009

Although travel took a steep downturn in 2009, a recent study is showing that many more Britons plan on having a holiday in 2010.  The Thomson and First Choice annual report measures trends in the travel industry by giving extensive surveys to hundreds of potential British travelers.  The study also broke down the varied reasons why people chose not to travel in 2009 and the reasons why they are more optimistic about travel next year.

Most cited concerns over the global recession and the outbreak of the swine flu virus as the primary reasons they decided not to take a holiday in 2009.  However, those surveyed also said that the same concerns will not stop them from traveling in 2010 as a resounding eighty percent of those asked said that not even a global recession would stop their future holiday plans.

This report has many in the travel and tourism industry feeling more optimistic, as the industry has been one of the hardest hit by the global recession.  The numbers revealed in the study back up this rosy outlook as nearly a fourth of those surveyed said they plan to spend more on their holiday in 2010, and more than half saying they would spend at least the same amount as 2009.

Another reason holidaymakers are more positive about their future plans is that they know they can get discounts from struggling hotels and resorts.  With many hotels looking for ways to draw in customers, some five star hotels are lowering their prices to three star levels, which makes now an ideal time to book future travel.

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