Travelers from Europe Unhappy about Proposed Fee

by Emily DUNBAR on September 7, 2009

A proposed ten dollar entrance fee into the United States has members of the European Union voicing strong opposition.  The proposed fee, which would be imposed on those entering the United States from some countries in Europe, is currently being discussed in the United States Congress.  The fee was suggested as a means to pay for an expensive campaign to boost travel to the United States, but member of the European Union are left wondering why citizens from Europe, and not the United States, should be troubled with the burden of the fee.

Talks of retaliation were immediate, as European Union leaders wondered about the logic of a program that tries to promote tourism by making more expensive and difficult.  This means that if the fee is passed in Congress, that travelers from the United States can expect to see similar fees imposed upon them when entering Europe.

Members of the United States Congress tried to downplay the fee as small and something that many other countries do.  The fee would go towards paying for a travel campaign which hopes to educated future travelers to the United States about different rules and procedures that they will have to follow before entering, a service which could benefit some European travelers.

Congress will have to decide if the benefits of the fee are worth the hassle travelers will face.

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