Traveller smuggling caterpillars tries to scoff them down at airport claiming they are a snack

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 5, 2012

An air passenger stopped in Switzerland by airport security guards attempted to eat dozens of caterpillars after the insects were uncovered in his luggage.

Security staff discovered over 33lbs; worth of the insects  in a secret compartment of the suitcase the passenger was brandishing. An Adrian Onobanjo,  47, was arriving from Togo when he got held up by staff at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg,  just four miles from the centre of Basel, Switzerland.

Patrick Gantenbein, a spokesman representing Switzerland’s border force, explained that even guards that have been hardened by the disturbing things they have seen were shocked by the content of Mr Onobanjo’s case. According to Gantenbein, the Togolese national must have known that he wasn’t allowed to bring the bugs into Switzerland as they had been hidden in a fake bottom in his suitcase and were only discovered with the aid of an x-ray.

Apparently, Mr Onobanjo tried to tell border force staff that the caterpillars were a special root, even though some of them were still moving. He then claimed that the insects were for personal use only, adding that he should be granted the right to bring them into Switzerland because they are a snack that he is addicted to.

When Mr Onobanjo was told that the bugs would have to be destroyed, he then started grabbing as many of them as he could and began eating them in handfuls while insisting that they are a delicacy that shouldn’t be wasted.

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