TSA programme to be rolled out to 28 extra US hubs

by Alister POOLE on February 9, 2012

The Transportation Security Administration will expand its PreCheck pre-screening security program to 28 additional US airports this year, as announced by the agency.

TSA’s program is currently in operation in seven US airports and allows approved fliers the right to not have to remove their footwear or jackets. As well as this, laptops can stay in their bags while any TSA-approved liquid can be placed in a carry-on.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Janet Naplolitano said in a statement that the expansion of PreCheck to America‚Äôs busiest domestic and international hubs is to increase the country’s security capabilities while expediting screening processes for travelers regarded as trusted partners.

It has been revealed that 336,000 fliers have already been screened through the program. PreCheck eligible participants include American citizens who have frequent flier privileges on selected airlines. Any fliers interested in joining the programme can apply with the US government’s new Global Entry website.

Upon being approved, a flier will have their information embedded in the boarding pass barcode that is scanned by security at checkpoints. Then, a flier might be directed to the expedited screening lane.

Janet Napolitano was joined by TSA Administrator John Pistole when she announced the expansion of the programme to 28 extra US airports. A spokesman from TSA, Greg Soule informed reporter’s that Chicago O’Hare, New York JFK International, and Reagan National in Washington DC are just three of the big name airports to be added before the end of March. Before the end of the year, others such as Baltimore/Washington DC Thurgood Marshall Airport and Boston’s Logan International airport will have joined.

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