UAE considers skimpy dresser crack down

by Alister POOLE on June 15, 2012

Authorities in Abu Dhabi are currently considering the introduction of a national law that will enforce a new dress code in all public places of the UAE.

Currently, there is an ongoing debate over whether skimpy attire should be stopped from being worn in public places such as shopping malls or on the streets, with various campaign groups already having voiced their opinions. Additionally, the issue has been fiercely debated across social media networks and forums.

The proposed law for the UAE is currently in the hands of the cabinet in the wake of a recommendation being made by the FNC - or Federal National Council - that was backed by figures such as Dr Al Owais, the UAE’s Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, earlier in the week. Politicians involved in the debate have so far agreed expatriate residents will most likely walk around in clothing that is deemed inappropriate, as opposed to tourists.

Dr Al Owais was speaking to journalists of The National newspaper when he commented that the UAE is a conservative society that must hold onto its traditions.  Al Owais confirmed that he agrees with the idea of having a federal law, but that the decision rests in the hand of the Cabinet and not his own. The law was originally proposed by Hamad Al Rahoumi, an individual who referenced a ban on veils being worn in France as he did so.

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