UK Airports to take Drastic Security Measures

by Alister POOLE on January 5, 2010

With many of the recent failed terror attack being conducted on airplanes or in airports the airport industry has been forced to take action with varying security measures.  The famous failed shoe bomber incident led to travelers being forced to take off their shoes before flying and the trio of men who tried to blow up Trans-Atlantic flights over the United States and Canada with liquid explosives made airlines re-think how liquids would be handled on future flights.  The most recent attempt found a young Nigerian man attempting to detonate a Trans-Atlantic flight as it headed to Detroit on Christmas Day.  This failed attempt has led airports all over the world to re-think their security measures to see if there are ways to prevent this from ever happening again.

In reaction to the attempted Christmas Day bombing, in which a young man was somehow able to sneak a bomb onto the plane sewn into his underwear, airports in the United Kingdom have decided to look at a new security measure, even though it is controversial.  Airports in the United Kingdom have decided to install full body x ray scanners which will allow security officials to see everything from what is in the person’s pocket, to what is in their stomach.  These machines, although expensive, would have prevented the man from sneaking a bomb onto the plane.

Some passengers have complained that these scanners are an invasion of their personal privacy, but authorities in the UK say that they will not only increase security but will make lines move much faster.

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