UK Hotels to Offer Electric Cigarettes

by Emily DUNBAR on October 23, 2009

For years smokers have been trying to come up with new ways to quit smoking.  Aside from the obvious health risks, smokers are increasingly being banned from lighting up in public places, which can often lead to smokers huddling in dark corners together like criminals. Smoking has been banned in nearly all public places like restaurants and hotels, but if some people have their way this will change very soon.  There is a new product on the market which will allow smokers to get their nicotine without the harmful smoke and tar, and will allow them to once again do it in public places like hotels.

The SmokeStik Royale may look like a regular cigarette but it is not.  The device is powered by electricity and allows smokers to get nicotine without the tar or smoke.  This also means that because the SmokeStik Royale does not emit smoke it is not covered by the smoking ban and can be used in public places.  The device was designed by former It Girl Lady Victoria Hervey and even features her family crest on the label.  She had the idea to bring the device to UK hotels after she saw similar products being sold in hotels in Los Angeles, where she now lives.

Lady Victoria hopes the popularity of electric cigarettes with celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio will lead to them being widely available in the United Kingdom as well.  Her first targets are hotels in the United Kingdom, where she hopes the SmokeStik Royale will soon be offered in bars and mini-bars in the room.

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