UK Motorists warned; icy roads a caution

by Alister POOLE on January 14, 2013

Motorists across Britain have been warned that they should expect to have to deal with dangerously icy conditions as the rain adds to difficulties of being able to keep roads clear by ridding them of the salt that has been deposited by council gritting machines.

Today,  heavy snow fell on much of Britain - causing travel disruption on roads, railways and to or from airports. In many places, the snow turned to rain and sleet, which lead to icy roads or pavements while temperatures dipped below freezing.

The AA commented that the overnight showers will restrict the ability that gritters will have to treat road surfaces. The head of AA’s special operations department, Darron Burness, remarked how rain that will come in after the snow means that gritters will struggle to do as many runs as they normally would while the salt is washed away.

The local authorities that are usually responsible for making sure the roads are kept clear of both snow and ice have said that they are conscious of this problem and will take into account any rain showers as they carrying out gritting. Representing the Highways Agency, a spokesman insisted that further treatments that are required to maintain the motorways and trunk roads around the country, which his employer is responsible for, will be undertaken.

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