UK Parents Taking More Holidays During School

by William ASTON on September 3, 2009

High summer prices coupled with poor weather have many United Kingdom families choosing to take holidays during the school term, against the recommendations of their governments.  The plummeting global economy and concerns over the outbreak of the swine flu virus have kept many families in the UK from taking their normal summer holiday.  Instead, many are choosing to wait until the virus scare is over and summer prices have fallen, which means 1 in 5 will make their holiday during the school term, according to a survey from Tesco Travel Money.

Some hotels and resorts are taking note of this trend by offering deals which extend past the summer months into the normally quiet autumn.   As more and more potential holidaymakers hear about these deals, and as more and more of their neighbors snatch them up, there has been a snowballing effect according to Emma Cripwell, a spokesman for Kids in the Med and also added that some parents actually feel that travel to other countries is a better learning experience than spending a week in class.

As the economy continues to suffer, many in the industry expect this late travel trend to continue.  This may not sit well with schools, but parents who are looking to save money on expensive travel can expect hotels to oblige with better deals.

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