UK Resorts Hit by High Unemployment

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on August 26, 2009

Recently words like “crisis level” and “national emergency” have been used to describe the state of unemployment in UK seaside resorts and hotels.   The poor global economy, coupled with concerns over the outbreak of the swine flu virus has slowed holidaymakers in the summer months.  Many thought this “staycation” trend would actually be a coup for UK resorts, but the numbers are telling a different story.

Over the past year places like Bournemouth, Weston-Super-Mare, and Weymouth have seen astronomical spikes in the number of people claiming JobSeeker’s Allowance, with Bournemouth seeing a rise of nearly 130 percent in the last year.  Many of England’s resorts have reached “crisis level” unemployment according to the TUC, despite the fact that many vacationers are staying in the United Kingdom for their summer holiday.

“Many seaside towns have made impressive and imaginative efforts to regenerate themselves, and deserve real praise, but even the most ambitious scheme cannot buck the effects of such a deep recession,”  according to Brendan Barber the General Secretary of the TUC.

However there are some bright spots in this otherwise gloomy travel season.  Studies from VisitEngland show that overall travel is actually up by 13 months in the first quarter of 2009, which means over 1 million more travelers in the UK.

Thanks to BBC News for the quote above.  For the complete article, please visit their website.

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