UK Tourists Flock to India Despite Travel Warnings

by William ASTON on October 8, 2009

Warnings for travelers to avoid India are having little effect, as travelers continue to visit the country in droves despite warnings from Western nations.  Countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand are all warning travelers to use caution when traveling to India, and also warn that terrorist attacks may be imminent.  However, these warnings aren’t enough to keep people away, as travel numbers in India have steadily increased despite the advisories. 

Israeli warnings have even named specific groups that they claim are targeting India for further attacks similar to the ones that took place in Mumbai.  Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group responsible for the attacks in Mumbai, may be planning additional attacks according to Israeli warnings.  The 2008 Mumbai terror attacks did lead to many cancellations of business events in India, but travel amongst individuals has not slowed much, even after the attacks.

New Zealand, Canada, France, and Britain have raised their levels of warning about travel in India, and are asking travelers to exercise extreme caution.  This labels India as a high risk country in which to travel, and gives it an elevated general threat.  Prior to the Mumbai attacks India was getting more visitors than it ever had, a trend which hasn’t slowed much over the last year.

Hotels and travel agents in India have reported a low number of cancellations and have said that in fact there numbers for the upcoming tourist season are strong.  The high season for tourism in India usually runs from December to the end of January.

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